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AOL & Antisemitism

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Recently, Messianic Jews and Jews by Choice (Gentile converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus), believers in Jesus as the Messiah, were evicted from the AOL online Jewish Synagogue meeting place.  

Complaints were launched against these Jesus Believers by Rabbis claiming that Hebrew Christianity was not Jewish and had no place in their Synagogue.  Jews believing in Jesus was an offense to these who complained.  The hate against Jesus was obvious although a facade was thrown up to take the focus away from the hate against Jesus to that of protecting what is deemed to be Judaism, the Phariseeism of Jesus' day.  

AOL staff correctly determined that Messianic Believers in Jesus were indeed Jewish and deserved to be included among other Jewish groups listed.  But alas, a cry went forth throughout the land and a group of over 400 Rabbis and alleged scholars appealed straight to Steve Chase CEO of AOL.  The appeal worked!  Mr Chase reversed the decision of his AOL staff not to discriminate against a segment of Jewry.  In fact, Mr. Chase determined that eviction of Jewish believers in Jesus from the AOL Synagogue to another place within the AOL domain was the thing to do.  Sort of like Hitler in his *relocation* strategy of getting rid of those who seem to be causing problems.  

So, a law of the Medes and the Persians was issued from the CEO and the Messianic Jews were booted out of the AOL online Synagogue.  

Our questions are: Is this not a form of antisemitism?  Is this not discrimination? Of course Mr. Chase knows right well that he was intimidated to do this antichrist (against Jesus) act.  We are sure also, that financial considerations were give great weight as well as the possible accusation of being called a brown-shirt, goose-stomping Hitlerite, antisemitic, if he agreed with his staff.  

And what of the Christian community about this ordeal.  What did they say when Jewish Believers in Jesus as the Messiah were given the bums rush and cast out of the AOL Synagogue by no less than the High Priest of AOL himself? They did nothing. They said nothing. There were no complaints. The discrimination and antisemitism against Messianic Jews was not even preached about on Sunday mornings.  And on AOL news it was not even mentioned.

Perhaps the problem with Mr. Chase is that he does not even know about the New Testament, the real Jesus, Calvary, and the claim that Jesus was the son of David and Messiah?  Perhaps in his educational years and afterward the fact never dawned upon him that he would be required to deny the Jewishness of Jesus and his religion in order to keep his job or to keep his business from being pirated or destroyed?  Perhaps he never once read enough of the New Testament to realize that Jesus rejected all religious groups in his day as being spurious and false.  The present day Rabbis who complained and wailed lamentations are confessed descendants of the Pharisees whom Jesus clearly identified as evil workers of iniquity.  And yet, it was not these who were ostracized or booted out of the AOL sanctuary, it was the followers of Jesus who were banished to an outer court of the domain.

Mr. Chase became the bouncer for the AOL Synagogue and can take great pride that like Judas he put money above ethics and morality on this issue.

Yes, the Hebrew Christians were given another place in the AOL sanctuary, but this does not resolve the fact that Messianic Jews were treated less as people and as members, than Pharisee rabbis who are still intent in blotting Jesus out of their Synagogue along with anyone else who believes he is the Jewish Messiah.

The antichrist win one, but the battle is not over.  In the end AOL will be defunct, Mr. Chase will not have his present job, and when it comes time to stand before Jesus at the Judgment he will have to give an answer why he denied Jesus was Jewish enough to merit a place of equal honor among the very Jews whose ancestors crucified him to the Cross?

May the Lord Jesus raise up champions in industry who will not find it expedient to deny Jesus or deny that Jewish Believers in Jesus are still Jewish.

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor