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Abrahamic Covenant

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

1.)  Abraham Salvation Without Circumcision
2.)  The Jewish View
3.)  Jewish Racism & The Serpent Seed
4.)  Jewish Eschatology Fights Christian Eschatology

Abraham Salvation Without Circumcision

The circumcision issue was handled by the Apostles with great care. There is more then enough Biblical teaching on this issue that proves original circumcision was a spiritual act of cutting off the Chaldean iniquity (Mystery Babylon) out of Abraham's heart and life. This Covenant of faith led to Abraham's first obedience to God.  When Abraham got older, this spiritual circumcision was transferred from his heart to his flesh.  This took place about fourteen years after he left the world of sin and departed from Ur of the Chaldees.  Later, that faith had to be transferred to his son Isaac and all males of the clan afterward.  Circumcision of the flesh was to be an external sign between Abraham and his male seed, that Mystery Babylon was forever rejected and that the true God would be their Covenant God.  So the revelation in Circumcision is that it became a Covenant sign between Abraham and his seed and the true God afterward.  It was that same faith of Abraham and his rejection of the Babylonian mysteries. Those who possessed this faith and Covenant are of that same circumcision of Abraham and would willingly transfer over under Jesus Messiah when he came to set up the Kingdom.  The sign of Circumcision, cutting off of sin, the world, and Mystery Babylon, by cutting off of the skin, has now been replaced by water baptism according to the formula of Acts 2:38.

By circumcision of Abraham's heart, we mean that the carnal flesh, the lust for sin, the desires for the world, WERE CUT OFF OUT OF HIS HEART so he could live before God in holiness and righteousness, which are the fruits and worship of the Covenant.

Jesus taught the Apostles that circumcision of the heart produced Godly, Holy, and Righteous Saints, whereas, circumcision of the flesh with no circumcision of the heart produced merely religious bigots, religious murderers, and religious hypocrites.

The Apostles rightly concluded that circumcision of the heart that brought godliness was far better than circumcision of the flesh with no godliness. It was rightly concluded that Abraham received the Covenant when he was an uncircumcised Gentile. He pleased God in uncircumcision and the LORD was his friend and Saviour BEFORE and PRIOR to his circumcision of the flesh.

Circumcision of the flesh therefore saved no one not even Abraham. There had to be a circumcision of the heart to cut off sin, or the outward circumcision was nothing more than ritual without Covenant and works without salvation.

Because of the error in believing that outward circumcision without the inward religious values and faith of Abraham can save Jews, many are teaching that righteousness has been imputed to the Jews by outward ritual, and there is NO need to live or practice any religious values or faith of Abraham. Those who teach this doctrine, believe all circumcised Jews may deny Messiah and their denial will not causes them to become unelected, or disenfranchised allowing the Church to replace them.

Circumcised Jews are considered by many to be the chosen of God, and nothing, not even being antichrist, can cause them to be severed from being the elect.

These doctrines of eschatology are the basis for corruption of the right handling of the "last days" in Scripture. It also gives Jews the right of denial that the Church is the Kingdom of God, and that it is the true Israel of God to whom the promises of Abraham were made.  Contrary to some teachings, the Church is not a Gentile bride.  The Church started out with Jews of all tribes and this Israel of God is what the Gentiles were grafted into and made joint heirs of the righteousness of Messiah.

It is indeed unfortunate that a large number of Jews rejected Jesus, but this would not negate the fact that a large number did receive him. The Scripture says: "he came to his own and his own received him not," but goes on to say: "But as many [Jews] as did receive him, to THEM gave he power to be called the sons of God."

Paul's olive tree account does not give us a picture of a postponed Kingdom or a Gentile bride. It shows us that those who were corrupted by unbelief were severed out, and the olive tree, the Kingdom continued on. Into this olive tree, this Kingdom, this Israel of God, this Church, the Gentiles were grafted in and added as joint HEIRS OF THE SAME PROMISES.

No Jew has more or a greater promise of Abraham then those who are in Messiah through Acts 2:38. The plan of salvation in Acts 2:38 is the place of adoption for Jew and Gentile converts and this makes them both heirs of Abraham and his seed. The circumcision of Abraham was a type fore-shadowing water baptism.

GAL 3:29  And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

The idea that those in Christ are not the seed of Abraham, and that they do not share equally with the same equality of Jews, is false. Abraham and all Jews who knew the promise of God, know that the promise to Abraham was that ALL NATIONS (all Goy), would be blessed to share in the promises of Abraham at a future date and time. To deny this and keep the Jews separate from those saved in Jesus, is to build up again the wall that was torn down by Messiah on the Cross.  Now, there is neither Jew nor Gentile we are all equal at the foot of the Cross.

The Jewish View

The Jewish view of history is simple: the Jew, only the Jew, and nothing but the Jew. Gentiles or non-Jews, called by various derogatory names, chief of which is goyium, are considered dogs, beast, and the serpent's seed. They claim only the Jew descends from Adam, therefore they are the elect chosen race. They believe that God has placed salvation in RACE. They believe unless a person has Jewish bloodlines they can never be a part of the Covenants or Promises of God. They do believe that some Gentiles (Noahides), can have a PART in their planned world empire, but they will never be equal and share in the blessings of God to be granted or given only to the Jews.

Many Jews actually believe that the Gentiles are children of the serpent. They believe in the serpent seed doctrine (see article on the Talmud). That is, they believe that before God created Eve, that Adam had a black wife named Lillith. She is reported to be the mother of the black and mingled races. This Lillith is alleged to have also committed adultery with the serpent. This allegedly angered God, causing him to make Adam a new wife out of his own flesh. Thus the other children born of Lillith by Adam were beast. Eve is alleged to have been also seduced by the serpent and certain white Gentiles are the seed of this adultery. All non-Jews are considered beast [see the Babylonian Talmud].

This theory brings a natural belief that the Jewish people are the only true race of human beings on the earth. They are therefore the "elect" of God. They are the "chosen people." They are the only people for whom the golden utopia or Millennial will come. They are the rightful rulers of the world. They have a right and a duty to use all other "beast" (white and blacks) as best suits their needs. All the wealth and riches of the nations and the world belongs to the Jews. To steal, rob, cheat, or out-right take from these beasts their gold, silver, money, precious gems, precious minerals, land, houses, crops, food, is like taking something from a dog: is only taking what is theirs by an alleged Divine right. IT IS NOT A SIN! It is no more a sin to take from Gentiles beasts than it is to take from the mouth of a dog a rabbit. The dog and rabbit belong to the Jews, so to appropriate either the effort of the dog, or the reward of his work, is not stealing. This is the undergirding law of taxation, usury, and forced labor.

I will confess that this seemed to me at first the most far-fetched tale I had ever heard, ...until I read the Jewish Talmud. This book, claimed by both Jews and Gentiles, to be the most holy collection of God's laws, even superior to the Laws of Moses, is the universal law of monotheism now being set up through Communism and Socialism throughout the world. If I had not read it for myself, I would have called it all lies. I would have thought it Jew-hating or antisemitism. But they do not deny it themselves. In fact, they consider it Jew-hating and antisemitism to expose the contents of the Talmud. They believe their religion is so private that Gentiles have no right to examine it, question it, and discuss it openly. They believe they may do with the beast as they please. Because of this attitude and belief, the Gentiles were called dogs, and dogs have no "right" to their bread, not even the crumbs.

The belief was developed that the Jews were then the exclusive and only beneficiaries of the blessings of God. Only Jews could share in the Covenant, although if Gentiles were good beast, they would be permitted to "share" in the future blessings of Israel. This gave rise to the belief that the Divine purpose was Israel. That as the Elect, and owing to the Covenant of Abraham, they had unconditional eternal security. They were born saved and nothing could separate them from their exclusive entitlement to eternal life. Their salvation was in their flesh and blood lineage back to Abraham and Adam. They were in bondage to no man, and therefore did not need Jesus Christ or Calvary to set them free. They report that it is not their faithfulness or their practice of religious virtues, but God's faithfulness in his oath to Abraham, that secures them from ever being lost. This consequently, leads to the idea that the Jews and Israel are the climax of all eschatology.

Jewish Racism & The Serpent Seed

This system of eschatology teaches that the Jews are and will always be the only beneficiaries of God. This Post Babylonian racism by Jews is not found in your Bible. Their very history denies it to be true. Jesus rejected it as false. The Apostles refused to be bound by this racism once it was exposed. Yes, the Jews were not to marry the Gentiles. Yes, the Gentiles were not to enter into the Tabernacle. Yes, many Gentiles were adversaries to the Israelites. And yes, the Gentiles were a separate people from Israel. But does all this prove that Gentiles were beast?

The serpent seed doctrine was picked up by the Jews in Babylon. It was a Babylonian belief that Adam had two wives and the first was a black beast. It was a Babylonian belief that the serpent [a beast], seduced Eve and those white children who were born and latent antisemites, were also beast.

History has pretty well established that the Babylonians had at the center of their religion a ritual reenacting the sexual interpretation of the fall. This sexual ritual is still practiced in every coven of witches in the world that follows the cabalistic formulae of mysticism. This keeping alive the Babylonian reinterpretation of the fall, does not make this Nimrod Babylonian doctrine true.

The Scriptures are clear that it was after the flood, that the nations were dispersed according to their families. It is well established that all human beings were of one race after the flood, and that race was descended from Noah. This race was Gentile. This rules out the idea that negroes are animals descended from Adam and Lillith or the serpent and Lillith. They would have all died in the flood. It rules out that white devils descended from Eve and the serpent. They would have all died in the flood. Only one seed survived the flood and it was Noah's. This one seed has one blood, and all nations are descended from this one blood. Paul said this in Acts 17:26.

The serpent seed doctrine is not only a Mystery Babylon lie, it is a Jewish lie. It is a lie to teach that the Jews have a bloodline to Adam that others in the world do not have. It is the basic lie that under-girds the idea of predestination according to race and seed, and not in the work of Christ and Calvary.

Abraham was a Gentile (Syrian). The Jewish nation and "race" started with Jacob and his twelve sons. Two tribes of this nation were born to Joseph of a black Gentile Egyptian woman. These were Mannasah and Ephraim. Four tribes of Israel were descended from other possibly black Gentile slave maids. These were born to Zilpah and Bilhah. These tribes born of slave concubines are: Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali. Obviously, there is a strong mingling of black Gentile blood in the tribes of Israel. To deny this or ignore it, will not cause it to go away.

Jews hold to the belief that a person is considered a Jew if born of a Jewish mother. They consider all children born of a Gentile mother by a Jewish father, to be non-Jewish and they must go through conversion. When we apply this to the Gentile blood in the previous paragraph, we can see that Israel is in fact so mingled with Gentile flesh and bloodlines, as to make the claim of a master race or the chosen people because of flesh and blood, is blatantly false.

To frustrate their claim even further, let us examine the case of King David. He is the great grandson of Boaz and Ruth, the Gentile Moabitess. Let us examine Solomon. He was the son of David and a Gentile Hittite name Bathsheba. Taking the Jewish doctrine that a child's nationality is determined by the ancestry of the mother, Solomon was a converted Hittite. David's father Jesse was a converted Moabite. The point here is to prove that the doctrine of salvation by flesh and blood lines back to Abraham and then to Adam, is false.

The idea that the Jewish bloodline is pure and absent of Gentile bloodlines is false. Nowhere in the Old Testament was it forbidden for Gentiles to become proselytes. Many Gentiles converted to the Jewish religion and they were not considered beast, white devils, or serpent seed. In truth and reality, the nation of Israel had so intermingled with the Gentiles that, at the time of Christ the nation was fully comprised of Gentiles and Jews.

Why is it such a difficult and hard thing to then accept that God has done the very same thing in the New Testament Church. The Jewish belief of an exclusive right and title to be called the chosen people, in spite of their obvious mixture of Gentile bloodlines, is false. What is true, is that God called the Jewish nation to be the depository of his truths and revelations. They were a chosen people to bear testimony to the world the oneness of God. They were a chosen people to bring forth the Law until it would reach its fulfillment and climax when Messiah would come. The Prophets predicted the coming of Messiah and the New Covenant.

The Jews, regardless of their mingled blood, were chosen of God to be a holy and peculiar people in righteousness. They were unfaithful in these obligations and were evicted from the holy land. It was these evictions, especially the one to Babylon, that gave rise to the Prophets who predicted a restoration. It is these prophesies of restoration that are misunderstood and misapplied to the study of eschatology.

Many Jews looked for a restoration of the throne of David in Israel. Many saw this restoration of the throne, only when Messiah came. They had a nation. Check these verses out and it proves they had a nation: LUK 7:5, LUK 23:2, JOH 11:48, JOH 18:35, ACTS 10:22. What they did not have was a kingdom because the throne of David was not set up. It was the Messianic hope that the throne of David would be set up.

It is a true statement that the Jews wanted the throne of David set up, because they believed this would be God's deliverance from Roman occupation and government. What they wanted and theorized was not what God had in mind however. They had a hope of the eternal continuance of natural Israel and restoration of a race of people, and God had in mind the restoration of the human race through Messiah and his throne moved over into the Kingdom of God, the Church.

Jewish Eschatology Fights Christian Eschatology

Herein is the fight between Jewish eschatology and Christian eschatology. Jews believe that the Christ and Christians have stolen from them their sole right to be the exclusive people of God. They believe that the Christians are the biggest thieves of all history, in that we have stolen their identity by claiming the Church is the true Israel of God. They are angry that we claim that the Law and religious system of rituals and animal sacrifices have ceased. They are irate that we claim the temple priesthood has been totally and forever abolished. They are furious that Christians place no value or importance on the temple mount.

They are so obtuse against Christ that many have taken blood oaths to remove the memory and name of Jesus Christ from the earth. Jewish eschatology is filled with contradictions. Because the prophecies of Daniel fit the Church and not the nation of natural Israel, most Jews place little or no importance in the fulfillment of the seventy weeks time line. After the seventy weeks gave birth to the Kingdom of God, the Church, and not Israel's hope of national restoration, the Jews persecuted the Church.

After the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the majority of Jews that escaped went back to Babylon. They remained there generation after generation until around 1054AD when they were all evicted by an Arab King. Other Jews who were scattered around the Mediterranean sea, called the Diaspora, adopted Phariseeism. When Babylonian mysticism in the form of the Cabalah was mingled with Phariseeism, this gave birth to the Hasidic movement and consequently other branches of Judaism.

Restoration was a dead issue for over a 1000 years for Jews. But the fact is, there was no reason they could not go back home. They chose rather to stay in Babylon and other nations where they were scattered. When they were evicted from Babylon they could have gone back home but they chose not to.

The idea of restoration actually had a new birth with the claim of Sabbati Zevi that he was the Messiah in 1666. This charlatan and false Christ was well known for his abominable behavior. So detestable that many Jews themselves rejected him. But still, he began the revival of restoration. This revival was carried over into Christian theology.

The Catholic Church had long held that the book of Revelation was already fulfilled in 70 AD. It transferred to Rome the claim of being the Kingdom of God and the replacement of Judaism. The Pope claims to be the High Priesthood and ruler of the Kingdom. The Catholic Church saw no need to suppress claims by Jews such as Zevi and ideas of restoration of a Kingdom, believing these would all pass away, as they did not fit into their amillennial schemes. But Protestantism and Freemasonry picked up on these new dreams revived by Zevi.

Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians even lay claim to being the universal Kingdom of God. These all picked up on Jewish teachings and doctrines.  Thus, dispensationalism became a patchwork of doctrine and teachings of several of these falsehoods.

The idea of restoration was then transferred among Protestantism via Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians; John Darby, Edward Irving, and Clarence Larkin, all three of which believed the Church would end in defeat, being turned to the devil while the Jews would turn to God.

Neither the Catholics, the Jews, Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, Darby, Irving, or Larkin, saw the endtime revival of the Apostolic Church. A complete *surprise* to the works and schemes of the devil. The Apostolic Church is God's endtime witness that Pharisee Talmudic Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Freemasonry, are *NOT* the Kingdom of God. In the evening time there shall be light.