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Occult Religion Of Wicca On Military Bases

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

What is a cult?  The dictionary tells us that a cult is a religious group having secret rituals and worship. Thus a cult has religious teachings and rituals.  A cult has a form of worship to its god or any number of the pantheon of gods.  These gods may change names and identities but the worship of any religion will identify the god or gods of the cult by what ever name he, she, or it is called.

Here are some additional identify characteristics of a cult:

1.)  A cult is a group who holds secret meetings at which the general public is not allowed to attend.

2.)  A cult has rituals of membership that require secret and or a blood oath.

3.)  A cult's blood oath usually contains some language of physical injury or a penalty of death if any part of the cult's rituals, teachings, signs for recognition, symbols, or names of members are disclosed to someone who is not a member of the cult.  All cults impose a code of silence and this identifies a cult when all else fails.

4.)  A cult has secret teachings concealed in symbols.  The public is made to think the symbols mean one thing while secretly they mean another.  Cults use secret codes and passwords for entry into the meetings.

5.)  A cult has rituals that often include surrender of a person's body to nudity, sexual immorality, and in some cases blood letting for others in the cult to drink one another's blood.  Sometimes this blood is mixed with urine and human feces.

6.)  A cult considers itself to be exercising its religious liberty while at the same time denying the public to know exactly what that religion is and all about its practices.

7.)  A cult has for its head a singular charismatic authority.  This person can be called by any number of names or titles but in witchcraft the person is called a witch.  Any religion that calls its singular authority a witch, is a witchcraft cult.  According the Bible is a devil cult.

8.)  A cult transfers its secret teachings from mouth to ear, nothing being put in writing that would reveal the inner workings of the craft.

9.)  A cult will reject Jesus Messiah as the Saviour of the world.  It will deny any necessity to conformity to Godly and Righteous principals as found in the Bible.  All cults attract those of rebellious natures who consider themselves *free spirits* that is to say, one who is not bound by the religious practices found in the Bible.

10.)  A cult takes over the mind of the members until the members are not free to come and go or to act or speak freely about the things that they practice in the secret rituals.  This bondage of the mind and the will, forces all cult members to seek exclusion from family, friends, and Church.

The religion of Wicca appears to fit all of these ten identities.  It is true that Wiccians should have freedom of religion but on the same token there is a public right to know what that religion has for its practices and faith.

Story of a Wiccian witch named Marcy Palmer

Marcy Palmer is Wiccian witch who holds weekly meetings secretly and in public on the military base at Fort Hood, Texas.  According to an AP new wire, there are about twenty four who attended a recent meeting where she paced back and forth under an oak tree:

"We believe in the divinity of all things."
"We believe that we are all of one life force."
"We believe that we are one with nature."
"Know thyself."

Of course this is polythestic pantheism pure and simple.  It is the ancient religion of Baal found in the Old Testament.  Baal religion (or the green god religion: nature worship) was centered in the male and female forces of agriculture (nature) transposed upon the relationship between a man and a woman. Thus, in the Baal religion, the entire climax of the rituals was in the sexual orgie of the cult gathered to celebrate the one nature or life force of all living things,!  All nature worship is about sex, nothing but sex, regardless of how much those in the cult wail and scream that this is not true.  Last year when those in Wicca attacked us for speaking out on the evils of Wicca and Witchcraft, I received about thirty letters telling me what I had written were things they saw and experienced while among this cult.

Ancient images and idols of these male and female nature gods are scattered all over the land of Israel and the middle east.  This religion may surface calling itself Wicca or some other fancy title, but it is really the religion of Baal once again raised up out of the abyss of antiquity and draws away men and women who desire license of immorality that the fellowship of this cult offers them?  The religion of Baal is nothing but the ancient Babylonian religion of the devil (the serpent or good god) as the nature god of this world and Eve in sexual immorality.  These two forces of male and female are the central ritual of the Wicca cult.

Marcy Palmer claims she is a witch.  She claims she is a highpriestess of Wicca.  She successfully obtained approval to hold Wicca meetings on the military base at Fort Hood.  The Department of Defense has approved the cult and even offered secret meeting places on the base where the members can gather to perform their rituals.

There are accusations that Wiccian members sacrifice animals and in some cases babies and other humans.  There have been a number of murders in America committed by members of Wicca.  To my knowledge, there has not been any arrest of Wiccian members for human sacrifices.  There have been several Wiccians who have fled from the clutches of the cult who claim there are horrible goings on among the cult and fear for their lives refuse to divulge detailed information or names of those in the cult.  Some in Wicca think the public fear of the cult is rooted in bigotry.  The public on the other hand wants the Wiccians to reveal their secret teachings and the true meanings of its rituals. The Wiccian cult refuse to reveal these secrets and so the public refuses to consider them anything but a witchcraft cult of the devil.

Do Wiccians worship the devil?  They say they do not.  But blood oaths and rituals nearly similar practiced by avowed satanist would indicate otherwise.  Instead the Wiccian cult worships the female principal of mother nature in the person of Isis, the moon goddess and the male principal in nature as the earth god.  Nearly all Wiccians associate these, the goddess and the god, with Diana and her brother and the sordid incestuous lust of Diana to have her brother as her lover.  Thus, in the cults of Wicca there may or may not be incest, fornication, adultery, and other forms of sexual immorality.  Do they have sexual orgies at these rituals?  Some in Wicca say no.  Others say it is the very thing that attracted them to Wicca along with free use of drugs and alcohol.

It is estimated that there are nearly 50,000 Wiccians in the United States.  They operate an email system to attack any person or web site that in any way exposes or brings to the public any negative image of the cult.  While they are a fringe group of small numbers, they have the sympathy of other cults and the news media.

In the one inch thick Military Chaplin's handbook there is a five page primer on Wicca.  It is described as a reconstruction of the nature worship of tribal Europe referred to as paganism, druidism, and witchcraft.  There is an effort to have these Chaplin handbooks censored and new ones issued where language will be written more favorable to the cult.

The cult of Wicca meets at Fort Hood at a place called *Camp Flilayson* a remote and hilly campground away from prying eyes and snooping ears.  They gather at weekly meetings elsewhere but resort to this isolated place on pagan holidays and some monthly meetings of the full moon.  Some wear pentagram necklaces around their neck.  The pentegram in witchcraft is the devil's personal sign and is also called the symbol of Baphomet, the goat devil with the body of a man and the head of a goat.  Among those who attend are former Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Pentecostals.

Macy Palmer is a former military policewoman.  She is now a nurse in an Army hospital.  In her classes on Wicca she teaches about commanding spirits.  She explains how to make up and cast spells.  She describes rituals.  Among Wiccians and Macy Palmer, these forces are reinterpreted as *psychic energy or energies.*  We who believe in the Bible know these as demon spirits and the power of the devil.  The practices of witchcraft are prohibited in the Bible.  The Fort Hood coven of Wicca does not care what the Bible says.  Its religion is not bound by the Bible but by the Wiccian rede: "An if it harm none, do as thou will."

For those who want a Bible based faith and not one out of the abyss of antiquity that did perform sacrifice of babies, then Wicca and its ancient ancestor roots are an abomination.  In fact, there are over 112 scriptures that clearly condemn the practices of Witchcraft as an abomination.

Shall abomination continue with government sanction?  We quite expect so.  After all, nearly all the nations of old permitted witchcraft and it was only in Israel, among the Israelites that such a religion was condemned.  When this honor was transferred to the New Testament Church, it became the ONLY institution in the world with a prohibitation against witchcraft.  With the trend to destroy the Christian faith from the world, the result will be the rise of cults like that of Wicca with public approval.  When the governments of men begin to legitimize cults, then it is time for Christians to withdraw from support of that government.

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor