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APRIL 19, 2005


New Pope

Pope Benedict XIV
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

He was a German Nazi teenager.  Doctored reports say he did not participate well in the Nazi Youth Corps.  He was born April 16, 1927.  At the age of 16 he was drafted into the Nazi army and was assigned to guard a BMW plant.  According to other doctored reports he deserted from the Hitler army in 1944 and then was a POW in 1945 for a few days before the end of the war.  On June 1951 he was accepted and ordained a Catholic priest.  His rise through the chairs of Catholic educational instutions was not accident.  He was being groomed for later important powerful offices within the church.  He played the game and he won the high-chair.  At the age of 78 he will not be pope for long.  How he relates to Israel will be the key.  We will soon see the pressure being applied to his Nazi past and we will watch the washing team clean his past.

Is this the man who will bless the antichrist rabbi Joseph who now claims to be the rightful heir of David and king of Israel?  How will he relate to the vote of the present Sanhedrin who has already voted Rabbi Yosef Dayan as the messiah-christ of David's seed.  They are seeking ways to coronate him upon the throne and to place the Prime Minister under him.  How this will be accomplished is still to be observed.  Plans are underway to attempt to crown Rabbi Dayan on of just before Passover on April 23-24th.  Will this be delayed or will they push forward with the plans?  We will watch. Yousef Dayan may indeed be the first of several messiah-christs claiming to be the heir of David's seed.  We will watch and laugh as they come forth each fighting for the throne chair over present Israel.

We will watch closely as the pope of Rome plays his role to lead the masses of Catholics and other evangelical Christians to accept a messiah-christ king in Israel.  After the approval of such a messiah-christ king of Israel we will begin to see the call for peace, peace, and then the begining of miracles calling fire down from heaven.  The role of the endtime pope will be to lead people to accept and worship this antichrist.  Watch for it, it will come.  It is only a matter of time.

Pastor G. Reckart
April 19, 2005