Matthew 28:19

Absolute proof Matthew 28:19 has been corrupted by trinitarians
Trinitarians have sinned against Jesus Christ
For putting words in the Bible HE NEVER SAID

By Dr. G. Reckart, Apostolic Theological Bible College

For over 20 years I have predicted the time would come when evidence would prove that the words "of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" were added to Matthew's original Gospel.  It did not make sense to me for baptism to be in the name of the one who died and was resurrected in Romans 6 and the Father and Holy Ghost had to be mentioned in baptism.  I could not reconcile why the Apostles ignored Matthew 28:19 as it now exist in our KJV Bible and instead baptized in the name of Jesus Christ only.  Yes, in baptism they were "JESUS ONLY." No one can find any other baptism in the New Testament.  No one can deny there is then ONE BAPTISM when reference is made to the New Testament mikvah.  Now we have the evidence and the trinity world is in for a massive shaking.

It was known by the Catholic Church that the Jews had preserved a copy of the original Gospel of Matthew in the Hebrew language.  How this was preserved and handed down we do not know.  In fact, it does not matter.  It exists and that is proof enough that God wanted it preserved.  There have been many attempts to destroy the crediability of this very valuable Hebrew Gospel for obvious reasons.  It is the only existing manuscript that proves Matthew 28:19 did not originally contain the trinitarian baptismal formula. Catholics and Protestants have no other reason to cast doubt on the validity of this manuscript.  Claims that it is spurious are of course self-serving to trinitarians.  Such denials make Jesus say what he did not say.  This of itself is an abomination.  It is a sin to make Jesus say a trinitarian baptismal formula and put into  his mouth their trinitarian godhead doctrine fabricated at Nicaea in 325AD.  Now that this manuscript is known among the Apostolic Oneness, we will promote the fact that the Catholic Church has willingly lied about Matthew 28:19 and the Catholics in general (including the Eastern Orthodox) have lied to the world.  Everyone who was baptized with this false baptism has died lost and without salvation, deceived by the Catholic Church.  This damnation of millions is the greatest doctrinal deception ever placed upon the human mind.  If those in trinitarianism do not flee from this perversion and be rebaptized in the name of Jesus Christ, they accept their damnation of having no salvation in that false baptism.  It is because of this finding that many Evangelicals now claim baptism is not essential to salvation and a person can be saved without it.  This Baptist false doctrine was developed when their scholars discovered the trinity baptismal formula was not in the original Hebrew Gospel of Matthew. Interesting that a false doctrine could be birthed based upon what is not in the Bible, rather then what is in the Bible.  Trinitarians hid the knowledge of this Hebrew Gospel from the Oneness Apostolics.  But God made it possible that through a Baptist scholar, the truth about the missing trinitarian baptismal formula would be published.

In 1995 Dr. George Howard translated a copy of Shem Tov's Matthew Hebrew Gospel.  You may purchase a copy of "Hebrew Gospel of Matthew" from many sources.  You can look at the evidence for yourself.  For the first time in modern history the text of Matthew 28:19 from this Hebrew Gospel text is being posted on the internet.  I am the first to post this text.  I am sure others will steal my image files and go make their own page.  That's ok, but at least have the fairness to tell me you are taking it.  At least tell me you are going to make a page.  At least give me credit for being the first to post it.

Please note that in verse 19 there is no trinitarian formula.
This is ABSOLUTE proof the trinity was fraudulently added to this text

Shem Tov's Hebrew Matthew Gospel
Matthew 28:9-20

Now that you have seen the evidence, you who have been baptized in the false trinitarian formula must see Acts 2:38 as the true and only baptismal formula in the New Testament, and to which all other incidents of this grace of God in subsequent text points.  If you desire to follow the correct New Testament Baptismal method, email me and we will try to arrange for your baptism.  You now have the information.  If you choose to believe a lie and accept a false baptism, then you will damn you own soul.  I urge you to consider your rebaptism today.  You can email me at for a personal consultation about this matter.

To purchase a copy of the Hebrew Matthew click this link

I carry the burden of Truth because I love the message and the Messenger of the New Covennat,

Pastor Reckart

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