The Virgin Mary Was Not A Catholic

By G. Reckart, Pastor
Copyright 1986 All Rights Reserved

The virgin Mary was not a Catholic.  Many do not know this.  But it is true.  Here are some other facts which many do not know:

Mary was not a white woman.  These pictures of Mary are of a white European woman and do not in any way represent the true Mary of the Bible.  The true Mary of the Bible was a brown or black skinned woman.  She was of the tribe of Judah of the seed of David, and David's great grandmother Ruth was a Black Moabites woman.  David was not a white man.  Any representations of Mary as a white woman are false.  But many do not know this.  The pictures look beautiful and allure to one's sympathy and love of purity.  These icons are designed to appeal to a person's heart and not their mind.  Actually, these pictures are worshipped by many who believe these images of Mary contain her very presence.  Pictures of Mary are idols when people pray to them or give them worship in prayers.  Here are some other facts people do not know about Mary.

Mary never prayed with a rosary.  The picture above on the right shows Mary with a rosary and with her hands folded in a prayer posture, it appears she is using them to make her prayers.  Is this a true image of the real Mary or is it a picture designed to lead Catholics to believe if Mary prays the rosary, then it must be what they should do?

The rosary was invented by Peter the Hermit in 1090AD and brought fully into the Catholic Church by St. Dominic in the year 1214AD and approved by Pope Innocent III.  How could Mary use something that was not invented until 1000+ years after her death?  St. Dominic claimed Mary gave him the rosary.  Fact is, St. Dominic lied, he used Mary as the source of it so it would be quickly accepted by all Catholics. Where would Mary, a Jewish woman, obtain any idea of this pagan design?  The rosary was not known by any of the Apostles. They never prayed using it.  Surely Mary could have introduced it to them if it was something all Christians should use.  Another point of interest here is that we follow the Apostle's Doctrine.  We are no where told by the Apostles that Mary had any special revelations or powers within or over the New Testament Church. Therefore, the introduction of the rosary by St. Dominic is suspicious on many accounts.  Not one time in the life of Mary did she ever pray using the rosary.

Mary never attended a Catholic Church.  Many do not know there was no Catholic Church until 325AD.  The Catholic Church was formed by 318 or so Bishops at the Council of Nicaea.  Before this date there was no unified Catholic Church.  It was in this year that Constantine established the Catholic Church and the Nicene Creed was invented around which all the Bishops gathered and unified forming the Catholic Church.  Mary never attended a Catholic Church. Someone asked:  "Wasn't Mary a Christian, and doesn't this make her a Catholic?"  No, this does not make Mary a Catholic.  In fact, none of the Apostles were Catholic and never were in or a part of the Catholic Church.  What is a Christian anyway?  A Christian is a person who has been converted to the Messianic Judaism religion of Jesus.  The name Christian is composed of two parts "Christ" which means Messieh, son of David, King and Lord of Israel; and "ian" which is a suffix added to names like Corinth-ians, Ephes-ians, Phillip-ians, Collos-ians, etc. and is the equivalent of the Biblical "ites" which simply means "people."  Thus, the name Israelites means Israel-ites: people of Israel.  Corresponding then we have Corinthians which means people of Corinth. With this understanding we can see how that Christians and or Christites are the same and interpreted in keeping with syntax and meaning would be people of Messieh, or People of the King of Israel, or people of the Lord. Collectively these are identified as Messianic Believers. Now, since the Catholic Church did not exist until 325AD, no Christian, no Messianic believer, no people of Messieh, were Catholic.  The Catholic Church is a Gentile body of people with a Gentile head as Pope.  The Church of which Mary was a member was totally Jewish.  The Church of Acts 1 and 2 consisted only of Jewish men and women.  This Church never was Gentile, never became Gentile, and remains Jewish until this day (1986).  It will never be Gentile.

Mary never went to confession.  The confession booth was not installed in the Catholic Church until 1215AD and instituted by Pope Innocent III.  Members of the Catholic Church no longer repented directly to God, they were told they could confess their sins to a Priest and he had power to forgive them of their sins.  The confession booth has been used to obtain sexual information with which to seduce guilty women, girls, and boys.  It has been used to extract information about people whom the priest get the those confessing to give.  The confession booth is used to make Catholics feel they need the Priest and the Catholic Church more then they need God.  Mary never went into a confession booth.

Mary never sprinkled herself with holy water.  The sprinkling of holy water was invented in the year 1009AD.  Prior to this time it was never used in any Christian Church in the world.  The purpose of this holy water sprinkling was to create one more ritual that Catholics would come to accept as an essential work of salvation.  A Catholic child who is raised up with this ritual, will feel like they dishonor God if they do not sprinkle themselves just before the cross themselves.  This holy water ritual has grown into many other sprinkling ceremonies.  I was in Valdez, Alaska one year and the local Catholic priest had all the Catholics bring in their pets to receive a special sprinkling of holy water.  Mary never used this holy water, its ritual, or any sprinkling ritual at any time.  Mary was not a Catholic.

Mary never believed in or knew about Limbo-hell for babies or of Purgatory-hell for older kids and adults.  Existence of purgatory was proclaimed to be a fact in the year 1438AD.  Limbo was proclaimed to be a fact in the fifth century.  Both Purgatory and Limbo are money-making devises for the Catholic Church. Prayers alone do not release these from the flames of hell.  It takes money.  The money might be an offering for the poor box, it might be for a missionary fund, it might be to purchase a candle manufactured by the Church or an auxiliary, or just simply put your cash in the offering plate.  There is nothing in the Word of God about Purgatory or Limbo.  These are man-made inventions.  One thing for sure, Mary never knew about or believed in Purgatory or Limbo.  Mary was not a Catholic.

Mary did not believe in the immaculate conception.  Jews did not have a teaching or doctrine that sin was inherited by a baby from the blood of the parents. The doctrine of sin inherited in the blood line is no where to be found in the BIble. Jews did not have a doctrine or teaching that parents passed on to their children all the inherited sin in the family genealogical chain back to Adam and Eve. Since the Jews did not believe in inherited sin, there was no need for there to be a doctrine that Mary had to be born without sin to birth Jesus so he would not have tainted blood.  The doctrine then of the immaculate conception was made a binding teaching of the Catholic Church until 1845AD.  Yes, there were some long before this date who believed sin was inherited through the bloodline, and this implicated Mary if she had a son whose bloodline would have come from the tainted one from Adam to Mary. To get Jesus born with perfect and sinless blood, it was necessary then to do something about Mary and her sin-tainted blood.  So, the thing to do was invent this immaculate conception falsehood and get Catholics to accept it.  In this manner, the Catholics could continue to make money off the deaths of little babies, whose parents were told the child was in the flames of Limbo and could not escape unless certain money was paid to the Church and certain prayers were made.

Mary never went into a Catholic Church.  What became the Catholic Church in 325AD and what the Catholic Church is today, Mary never attended. Not one time in her life did she attend a Church were there were images and statues of so-called saints.  Not one time did she enter into a Catholic Church and sprinkle holy water on herself.  Not one time did she burn a candle for any reason.  She never seen or heard a Catholic Mass.  She never prayed Catholic prayers and she never one time bowed down to the Communion Wafer, the Host, or the Eucharist.  Not one time did a Catholic priest place a Wafer or Host on her tongue. Mary never once sat on a Catholic Church pew, chair, or seat.  She never heard a Catholic Priest give a homily or Bible lesson.  Mary never was in a Church where a crucifix was used as an emblem of worship or adoration.  Mary never saw an altar boy or girl and not one time did she ever sing a song in a Catholic service.  

Mary did not believe in or know about the trinity.  Mary never knew about the trinity because it was not invented and did not become a binding doctrinal law until the Council of Nicaea in 325AD.  The trinity doctrine was not formulated until Constantine presented the "hoinoousios" "of one essence" from Plato. The Bishops jumped on this and accepted it and the trinity became a doctrine enforced by the throne of the Roman Empire.  Anyone who denied this new doctrine would be removed from the Church, from their Bishoprick, their homes and property confiscated, and some were put to death.  Mary was a Jewish woman who believed in one God. As a Jew she was forbidden by the First Commandment to have a plural view of the Godhead.  Whatever Mary thought of her son Jesus, she did not think of him as a second God of rank under God the Father and she did not think of him as a personality in the tri-personality mind of one God.  In other words, Mary did not believe Jesus was just an alternate personality of a triune God.  If she held to the teachings of the Prophets and the Apostles, she would have believed that Jesus was God manifest in the flesh.  If she had any other view, we do not know about it.  We do know this, there is no way she believed in a trinity or the trinitarians would have trotted this information out before the world and made a rather large commotion about it.  Mary did not believe in the Nicene Creed.  She did not believe in the so-called "Apostles Creed."  And she did not believe in the trinity.  Mary was not a Catholic.  And if Mary had lived during the Catholic inquisition she would have been killed by the very ones who think Mary was a Catholic.

Mary was Jewish and a member of a Jewish Church.  This Jewish Church was established upon 12 Jewish Apostles.  There were no Gentile Apostles in the Church at any time during the life time of Mary or the true Apostles.  In fact, there is no provision for a Gentile Apostle in the Bible.  Mary never knew a Catholic Pope.  The Apostle Peter never was a Catholic Pope.  He was married and had a wife. He had a mother-in-law.  Attempts to pevert this are examples of how the Catholic Church has perverted a lot of truth and turned them into lies and falsehoods.  Mary, her other children, (Mary was not a perpetual virgin, that is another lie), were in the upper room in Acts 1 and received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Mary herself, the mother of Jesus, spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave her the abillity of utterance.  Mary herself had to be saved.  Mary was there when Peter preached Acts 2:38.  If Peter was the first Pope, how come the Catholic Church does not accept Peter's words in Acts 2:38.  Why did they make it illegal for anyone to be baptized in the name of Jesus Messieh for the remisson of sins?  Mary was a member of a Oneness, Holy Ghost filled, Apostolic Church.  She died in this great faith and her legacy is that of a true child of God. She is to be loved and respected but not worshipped, prayed to, and not venerated into a position of godhead, deity, or co-redeemer or mediatrix.  Mary was not a Catholic.  Mary is not in heaven right now.  She is dead and waiting on the resurrection just like the Apostles.  People who pray to Mary, believing she can go whisper or talk into the ears of her son, to plead the case of these who pray to her, are all deceived.  Mary cannot help a single soul right now find God.  Mary cannot pray because she is dead.  Mary cannot change a thing in this present world.  All the alleged apparition of Mary are false. These are more attempts to prove Mary has been resurrected and or raptured not to see death.  The Word of God says it is appointed once for man to die and then the judgment.  Even Jesus died!  Mary died also, and she will not be resurrected until the whole Church is raised up from the dead at the last day.

What religion was Mary?

Mary was of the tribe of Judah of the seed of David, she was a Jewess.  The temple in Jerusalem was her only Church until the day of Pentecost.  Then she was a member of the New Testament Church, which was Jewish Messianic.  Jesus established and created in Israel a new religious Judaism.  It was Messianic Judaism.  Jesus founded a Jewish religion and it was called the "Qahal" (modern Hebrew) translated into the Greek Ekklesia.  The Jewish word "Qahal" means: multitude, company, assembly, and congregation.  Correctly this should be Qahel the "a" vowel with the "l" is incorrect as "l" should have before it the letter "e" and together "El" is a contraction of "Elohim" or God. Qahel then would mean an assembly of God's people, God's congregation, God's company, and God's multitude. The Greek "Ekklesia" meaning "called out ones" is a reference to the nation of Israel in a company of tribes called out of Egypt and given freedom from bondage and slavery. When Qahel and Ecclesia are properly understood the New Testament Church takes on a Jewish identity.  Mary was Apostolic Messianic. She like all other New Testament Jews was a Messiehian (Greek Christian) and she followed the Apostle's Doctrine. This is the Church Mary attended.  She was NEVER a member of the Catholic Church.

Pastor Reckart

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