Light To The Nations

The two branches of Catholicism, Roman and Greek, have both adopted several pagan teachings and applied them to the New Testament Church.  They have both insituted several man-made traditions which are NOT IN THE BIBLE and by decree of the respective thrones of power have mandated that these traditions are equal to the New Testament.

The Studies below are for those students who want the truth and who want to live by the Messianic New Covenant found and practiced by Jesus, the Apostles, and first century Messianic Believers.  If anyone disagrees with the studies posted here there is no need to send hate mail alleging hate, just go and write an opposing study and post it on the internet.

The Messianic Judaism of Jesus is not Catholic or Protestant.  It is the pure stream and branch of Old Testament Judaism that was Messianic in hope, destiny, purpose, and fulfillment.  The Messianic Judaism of Jesus is the New Covenant, the New Torah, the everlasting Gospel of the everlasting Kingdom of God.

The New Pope, Will He Bless Rabbi Yosef Dayan as messiah-christ, king of Israel?

Mary Was Not A Catholic

The Story of Sister Charlotte, Ex Catholic Nun

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Amillennialism Part II

Amillennialism Part III

The Jesuit Oath, A Bloody Final Solution For Non Catholics

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