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St Augustine Florida, City Of Blood

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright 1999 All Rights Reserved

For some years I have been disturbed by the lack of attention to the killing in St. Augustine, Florida, of the Huguenots by the Catholic Church, under the hand of the Jesuit hired murderer, Don Pedro Mendez de Aviles.

Aviles was in prison for horrible crimes and the Catholic Church sent for him to kill the Huguenots in America, knowing how cruel and ruthless he was.

The story is told that the French Huguenots who had a small settlement in what is now St. Augustine, had ships and were a threat to the Spanish treasures ships on their way back to Europe.  If this is true, would it not stand to reason that Aviles would want to know where the alleged stolen treasures were?  Why would his first business be killing Protestant opposers of Catholicism, rather than sinking their alleged ships, and or capture of the stolen treasures?  Why was Aviles so intent on making converts of these Huguenots to Rome and the papacy under penalty of death, if that was not a part of his mission or his mission in the first place?  Why is the falsehood of the Spanish treasure ships being pirated by these humble and peaceful Huguenots not examined?

The facts are, that the Huguenots had no ships to sink and the story is false.  These freedom seeking people had fled to America to escape the inquisition and were deposited on the shores of Florida and left there where they built a small settlement. There are several other facts untold: first, none of the stories of these Spanish ships or their survivors includes mention of French attacks from this area of Florida by the Huguenots; second, among the Huguenots there was not found or reported to be found by Aviles or anyone else, any alleged recovery of stolen treasures; third, the Huguenots were a peaceful people and fled persecution and murder in Europe and to think they would engage in that activity themselves is untenable;  third, the two men who did escape and who fled through the swamps of South Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisanna, and Texas, arriving in Mexico two years after the slaughter, where they found ship to Europe, make no mention of these Huguenots being pirates or stealing Spanish treasures.

The facts of the matter suggest that the Catholic Church shed the first Christian blood in this nation and the murderers and the Catholic Church have enshrined St. Augustine, Florida as the oldest city in America and made famous by its hero, the Jesuit idol, Don Pedro Mendez de Aviles. There is not one shrine erected to the Huguenots in the entire city to my knowledge!

At a time when truth needs to be made known, the murder of the French Protestants has gone unmentioned.

On the day of the horrible massacre, the men had gone out of their encampment to hunt for food. This took them south down the beach where game was plentiful. Someone noticed smoke in the sky coming from the colony. The men rushed up the beach only to come face to face with Aviles and his band of murderers. History says that Aviles then took his sword and drew a line in the sand and commanded that any man who did not bow to the Church of Rome and to the honor of the glorious Pope, and who crossed that line, would be killed. All the men crossed the line and none recanted. Aviles and his horde fell upon these holy Brothers and slew them. Those who survived the burning of the settlement and who viewed this scene afterward (perhaps the widows and their children) report that the blood of these slain flowed into the waters along the beach. This story was told to the British some time afterward and the bay there was named "Mantanzas" or translated "bay of blood" or "bay of slaughter".

There has been some attempt now for several years to claim that the Huguenots actually had their settlement to the North on St. Johns river in Jacksonville, Florida. I really believe friends that this is false. Several things point to this conclusion. First, there is a Huguenot cemetery located outside of the walls of the old St. Augustine city built by the Spanish after Aviles' massacre. No such cemetery to my knowledge exists or existed in what is now Jacksonville, Florida; second, the British who named the waters where the blood was shed, specifically named the bay right there in St. Augustine as the "bay of slaughter"; and third, on my last visit to St. Augustine in 1998 I was told by a tour guide that a mass grave along the beach had been found and that park officials covered it back up claiming that it was the grave of those who had died from disease.

My friends, the glory of this city is built now around praising the Catholic Church and also Aviles for his founding this town and naming it after his patron saint. A large stainless-steel cross rises upon the place where the first settlement existed and reaches perhaps 200 or more feet into the air. The real story of love, devotion to the Lord Jesus, family, and escape from the European tyranny of Rome and Catholicism of these forgotten Huguenots has not been told. It is the such of which movies are made but no one will touch it or give the correct slant on the guilt of the guilty, wonder why?

Perhaps this historical event of shame can be a consideration for some future little booklet with the ending being, that in spite of this horrible blot upon the landscape of America, there has risen a mighty presence of Believers on these shores that no man could stop, no not the Jesuits, the Pope, or the Catholic Church.

And, the Catholic Church has never repented or apologized for this crime. And does she ever?

I call upon St. Augustine, Florida to repent of this killing and to erect upon the shores of that settlement a monument to the memory of those who built the first city in America, but who were killed, their city burned, and the legacy of the first city in America then stolen from the Huguenots by the Catholics as if they and Aviles built the first city in this nation.

Pastor G. Reckart

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