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Apologetics is a system of discourse either in verbal or written form offered in defense or vindication of the faith of Jesus and the Apostles.  In its historical use, apologetics has been used to expose heresy and error so that through a defense of the faith, truth about a subject may be seen and known.  In our case, the purpose of apologetics is to restore the full revelation of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messiah.

Should you elect to become a student of apologetics and open up the following files to study and learn, remember three things:  1.)  You can quit anytime;  2.)  You can always write a rebuttal and post it somewhere on the internet;  3.)  If you want truth, then you must be willing to examine apologetic writings for what ever truth you can find in them.  Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

Apologetics always generates a certain amount of hate mail.  It is the custom today for those in heresies and error to cry *hate* when their sacred cows are being butchered.  If you are one of those, then this section is not for you.  It is for those who love the truth to the point of wanting no heresy or error to be a part of their faith and religion.  Some people simply just do not get it, that apologetics are arguments in support and favor of a certain position or view.  Apologetics is not a system to agree with everyone in the world and tell them their religious heresies and errors are ok.  It is quite the opposite.  A true apologist will make an apology for the Truth but he will offer no apology for heresy or error.

If you are prepared to study and learn you may now click on the links below for information, study, and conversion of thoughts.

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